Elements of a Healthy Lifestyle

Health is a combination of physical, mental, and social well-being. You need to take care of all the important dimensions of your life. Personal wellness and good health are largely the result of choices you make. Take the time to review this guide and then let us help you develop a lifelong wellness action plan. Enjoy your life. Be fit, be happy, and feel great.

Make the Necessary Changes:

Cancer Prevention:

A study with 110,000 people-years of observations concluded that that the sedentary run four times the risk of getting cancer, compared to the physically fit. Most cancers can be prevented by -

Weight Management:

Fad diets and fast weight loss programs seldom lead to long-term success in weight control and can be a health hazard. Controlling weight for a lifetime requires more than dieting. It requires behavioral changes: a commitment to new ways of eating, new active patterns, and successful management of emotional issues. If you need to lose weight, don't plan on losing more than one pound per week. Remember: 90% of successful dieters exercise. You will need to develop a systematic exercise program. If you want more help with a specific plan to follow while you are adopting good eating and exercise habits, ask us for our "Eating to Lose Weight" guide.

Dietary Practices:

Heart Health:

Keeping the heart healthy is basic to life. Anything that restricts circulation impairs health and puts your life at risk. There is nothing you can do about heredity, gender, or aging, but the cause of most heart problems can be explained by the following risk factors. Take action against any risk factors you may have:

Stress Management:

If stress is problem in your life and you feel uptight, frustrated, overwhelmed, or mentally drained, plan now to reduce your stress burden. The following steps can be helpful.


Regular exercise has many health benefits other that making you look and feel better. Recent articles in the Journal of the American Medical Association and the New England Journal of Medicine find the following:

and that exercise:

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